2024 Halifax County Business Personal Property Listing Form
2024 Halifax County Personal Property Listing Form
Halifax County Tax Rates – Tax Years 2013 to 2023
Change of Address – Change of Address (online form)
AV-3 – Voluntary Payment of Deferred Taxes Without Requesting Disqualification
AV-4 – Present Use Value General Statutes
AV-5 – Application for Present Use Value Assessment
AV-6 – Request for Voluntary Disqualification from Present-Use Value Classification
AV-7 – Request for Estimate of Deferred Taxes
AV-9 – Application for Property Tax Relief
AV-9A – Certification of Disability for Property Tax Exclusion
NCDVA-9 – Application for Property Tax Relief for Disabled Veteran
AV-10 – Application for Property Tax Exemption or Exclusion
AV-10A – Application for Antique Airplane
AV-10V – Application for Motor Vehicle Exemption
AV-11 – Continuing Care Retirement Center Addendum to Form AV-10
AV-56 – Application for Wildlife Conservation Program
AV-65 – Application for Builder Property Tax Exemption
AV-66 – Antique Automobile Value Exclusion Application